Top 7 Watch Brands for Every Woman

Top 7 Watch Brands for Every Woman

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By taking a closer look at the branded watch for every woman, you can surely feel great and attracted into it. As a woman, it is just natural for you to love and want to have at least a well-known watch brand. It may make you feel good and confident because it shines, although it may be a bit expensive. You can even be the apple of the eyes of the people.

Most women want to have a stylish watch that tells them the time. For them, choosing watch brands is not just about choosing any other fashion accessories. At most of the times, one watch brand is not good enough for many women. They like to have more of these branded watches along their lipsticks, perfumes and shoes.

Let’s take a look into the top 7 watch brands and find out which brand you like most!

Top 7: Guess

Guess Watch


The Guess brand does not only specialize or focus in watches. It even produces a wide array of clothing line, jewelry and perfumes. However, it uncovers the most modern chronograph timepiece that comes along its silver details. It even becomes one of the pioneers in the fashionable and trendy watch brands.

As per the selection of watches, they are sophisticated, funky and great to own.

Top 6: Versace

Versace Watch


Versace brand comes from Versace, an Italian company founded by the ever famous Gianni Versace. Due to the reason that Gianni was killed in 1997, his sister Donatella Versace then took over and managed the business as a creative director.

There are many watch designs to choose from that speak of their personalities. Versace watch brand has a wide range of classy and beautiful watches that complement to the taste and preference of every woman.

Top 5: Dolce &Gabbana

D&G Watch


Dolce & Gabbana is offering its watch designs that look so captivating and mesmerizing. If you want to have a watch but don’t have enough budgets, then Dolce & Gabbana watches are just great for you.

There is an impressive collection to choose from that guarantees to complement on your budget. The best thing about this watch brand, well it is not that cheap though!

Top 4: Fossil

Fossil Watches


Fossil is known as a famous American manufacturer and design of accessories and clothing. It is also making watches that are made of high quality materials. Due to this reason, they are purchased at their expensive price. They also combine the most classical, most stylish and most sophisticated designs.

As compared to other watch brands, Fossil watches are stylish and affordable that makes it reach its fourth place in ranking.

Top 3: Gucci

Gucci Watch


Known for being the most luxurious and most desirable fashion brand, Gucci continued to be on top of the recent fashion trends. It has its incomparable quality that makes it rich and famous.

On the other hand, Gucci watches are modern, sleek and ultra-stylish. Presenting itself as a luxury watch brand, it creates artistic watches with absolutely good taste!

Top 2: Burberry

Burberry Watch


Burberry expanded its brand presence around the world due to its luxurious non-apparel accessories and watches. The Burberry watches are luxurious and well complement to its conservative and classic style. This watch brand also brings sophistication to an independent and strong woman.

Top 1: Rolex

Rolex Watch


Last but not least, we have the Rolex on the top ranking of watch brand. It is undeniable that Rolex is always the number one luxury brand when it comes to watches. Rolex presents a symbol of prestige and defines luxury.

It incorporates a wide array of colors and materials that is resembled by precision. As for the Rolex watch, it may be manufactured from stainless steel to diamonds and white gold!


Having a watch not only leaves good impression on others as they see you as a punctual person but it also adds up to your fashion sense. However, be sure to choose your watch brands wisely because not all good things come expensive.

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