World’s Top 10 International Airports for Duty-Free Shopping

World’s Top 10 International Airports for Duty-Free Shopping

Find Out Which are the Top 10 International Airports for Duty-Free Shopping

Are you looking to do some airport duty-free shopping? There are many places that let you pick up quality goods from cigarettes and alcohol to chocolates and jewellery at awesome prices. There are some real “hubs” of the duty free trade and if you are looking to really cash in and pretty much pay for your holiday on the savings alone, then check out any of these world top 10 international airports for duty-free shopping.

#1: London Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport


Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports on the planet, and has an incredible retail complex that has everything you might need there to buy. From quality perfume and alcohols that are hard to find back home, you’ll get the lot in Heathrow. Terminal 5 in particular houses all of the “British” goods like Links of London and Mulberry so you can bring a little bit of London back home with you!

#2: Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport


If you are flying back from Canada, you want to make a stop at the Vancouver International Airport if you possibly can. This has all of the great Canadian products so if you are buying mementos for your family and friends this is the place to get started. From Vancouver postcards to classy shops with the latest fashion accessories at crazy prices, this is the place to come to.

#3: Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport


Dubai is a global hub of trade and finance these days, and is one of the wealthiest parts of the worlds. Dubai International Airport here is perfect for somebody who does a bit of shopping while they travel. It’s arguably the leading duty-free airport in the world. You can buy anything from beautiful alcohols and exotic perfumes to gold jewellery and rare souvenirs. It’s like a massive shopping complex in itself.

#4: Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport


Seoul’s gateway to the rest of the world (Incheon International Airport) is one of the leading duty-free airports around, and for good reason. It sells huge quantities of alcohol and cigarettes for prices that would blow your mind and you can come back with a huge haul. For people looking to do a bit of airport shopping and explore new countries, South Korea is a place to start!

#5: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport


The airport city in Holland is one of the main airport hubs in Europe and is famous for its outstanding level of shopping from the smallest gifts to large outlandish purchases. You always find amazing deals and offers as you walk through the airport city, too. You might find yourself leaving with a huge list of Dutch oriented products – and you can check it all out on the Schiphol Airport website!

#6: O.R. Tambo International Airport

O.R. Tambo International Airport


O.R. Tambo International Airport is located near Johannesburg in South Africa. This is the busiest airport in Africa with a capacity to handle up to 28 million passengers annually. Formerly known as Johannesburg International Airport and before that as Jan Smuts International Airport, it has more than 100 shops selling everything from trinkets to accessories to high-end luxury leather goods. It’s not the cheapest airport in the world, but still boasts discounts of 40 per cent on prices downtown.

#7: Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport


This is the gateway between the United Sates and the rest of the Americas. The Miami International Airport covers an incredible seven million square feet, and this means you can fit in any type of shop you can think of. Whatever is on your duty-free shopping list when you travel you will more than likely find it here! Beautiful gemstones, Armani suits, cigarettes and alcohol aplenty – this is the best airport in America!

#8: Hong Kong International Airport

 Hong Kong International Airport


Hong Kong’s famous shopping culture can be enjoyed right up to departure. Hong Kong International Airport consists of two shopping venue – SkyMart in Terminal 1 and SkyPlaza in Terminal 2 have the kind of retail space you’d expect from this city. As SkyMart has a “Downtown Pricing Guarantee”, the price of your shopping in the airport will be cheaper than shopping in the city center. Fashionistas and duty-free seekers should head to SkyMart, while techies can geek out at SkyPlaza’s entertainment zone and Aviation Discovery Centre. Combined, they offer 280 retail and 80 dining outlets.

#9: Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport


The Frankfurt International Airport, Germany’s busiest, is another airfield trying to attract Frankfurters to its shops. Stores offer everything to make a weary traveller’s eyes light up with excitement – discounts on brand-name perfumes and colognes, a superb range of spirits and tobacco and seasonal discounts in the order of 30 per cent. Not only this, Frankfurt Airport’s retail offerings would cover four soccer fields, very mindboggling indeed.

#10: Zurich Airport

Zurich International Airport


Switzerland is one of the last places in Europe where flyers can still buy duty-free goods. Zurich Airport, the largest international airport in Switzerland is a multi-award winning airport that offers a wide variety of things to shop for. Perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco and, of course, fine Swiss chocolates can all be pre-ordered via their website if you’re all about the bargains. In Zurich, people there call their shopping offering a “paradise”.


So there you have it, there are so many great places to travel in the world and along with that plenty of great duty-free airports that you should really think about visiting. The majority of these airports are massive institutions, so finding flights in and out of these airports shouldn’t be an issue. Immediately plan your trip to countries with these airports now and start your duty-free shopping right away!

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