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SKIN79 – The First Korean Beauty Brand to Introduce BB Creams

Launched in 2006, SKIN79 is the first skincare brand to create the sensation of Korean BB Creams. Dubbed as the Queen of BB Creams, SKIN79 Korea has ignited a worldwide BB cream craze! SKIN79 is a natural science brand which efficiently and safely taking care of pure energy of nature with the advanced technology skills. The Korean beauty brand holds on to its philosophy in bringing safe and efficient beauty products that offers skin pure vegetable active ingredients from the nature. Its valuable promise for healthy skin practices naturalism cosmetics to a better skin that is gorgeous and lively.

SKIN79 offers various kinds of BB Creams so that each consumer can choose by their own character, age, skin type, gender etc. Initially it gained the global popularity based on its market penetration into Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Today, SKIN79 BB creams are used by people around the world through its expanding distribution network to 16 countries including USA, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia etc.

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6 Reasons Why SKIN79 is the Top BB Cream Brand

SKIN79 BB Cream is a breakthrough multi-functional total care product that is receiving the worldwide recognition. It is now recognized as the best seller of BB Cream worldwide with 1 bottle sold in every 10 seconds! Here are the 6 reasons why SKIN79 has been topping the BB cream charts in Asia:

1. Leader of the BB Cream Craze

SKIN79 is a Korean beauty brand to introduce the first BB Cream to the world, inventing a whole new skincare category.

2. Top-seller in Japan and Taiwan

Ten million of SKIN79’s BB Creams have been snapped up worldwide since its launching. That means, 5,556 bottles fly off the shelves every day!

3. Widest range of BB Creams

SKIN79 has a wide variety BB cream for every age group, skin type or makeup preference. Currently SKIN79 has offered 15 types of BB creams to its collection which makes it the crown of ‘Best Collection of BB Creams’.

4. Luxurious Oriental Ingredients

SKIN79’s unique formulations are made with finest naturally-derived ingredients to assure high quality skincare products. Think gold, pearls, jewels, caviar, and precious herbs and you’ll get the idea.

5. Super Skin-Savers

These SKIN79 BB creams pack as many as 10 skincare benefits in a single product – they whiten, improves wrinkle, block off UV damage, nourish, hydrate, build resilience, protect skin against pollution, control sebum, and provide coverage.

6. Up the Glam-O-Metre

Everyone could not resist the SKIN79’s gorgeous bottles and compacts that will sit beautifully on any dresser. Its innovative and high quality packaging simply makes it an outstanding brand.

SKIN79 is a proven and certified brand and its products are for both women and men with all skin types. Brown Eyed Girl is their latest brand models. You’ll never want to miss out from getting the beauty of this No. 1 BB Cream brand.

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