iPhone 6 Price, Specifications and Availability in Malaysia

iPhone 6 Price, Specifications and Availability in Malaysia

All You Need to Know About the iPhone 6

There is only one thing that is the talk of the town and creating lot of buzz; it is surely the Apple’s iPhone 6 launching in Malaysia. This is drawing tremendous attention attributing to the brand name Apple and its phenomenal popularity across the globe that caters to the people who want impeccability in all its manifestations. Here the iPhone 6 release is surely bringing lot of smiles among all the tech-enthusiasts who want to check the latest innovation to their heart’s content.

There is no denying that whenever Apple comes up with its up-graded or new gadget; the world stands still to witness the spectacular features enfolding in front of their eyes. Yes, the perfection of their devices and technology is indisputably the “best”. That is why there is always so much anticipation and speculations attached to this brand before the launching. Same has happened with iPhone 6 which was surrounded with skeptical and awe from the very beginning. Like previous iPhone, it also becomes the center of attraction and people are desperately seeking the places form where they can make instant purchase.

With the launching of iPhone 6, Malaysia becomes that fortunate countries who will be enjoying the opulence in the form of technical excellence as the most renowned brand is creating a wave of enthusiasm among the people and making its sizzling and breathtaking technology accessible to all and sundry. You can own this device in the price range of RM 2400 to RM 3500 according to the memory that ranges from 16 GB to 128 GB. Indeed, this phone is very famous for its innovative features, improved screen from previous versions of iPhone with very good battery back-up. All these features have made huge fan following and those people are seeking the places where they can grab this amazing technology.  In this article we will discuss its various features in detail so that you can have insight into your “love interest”!

The Big Break Through with iPhone 6!

iPhone 6 Side View

Source: www.apple.com

The first and the foremost advantage of possessing iPhone 6 is its battery size that is very slim yet it is very powerful that gives unbelievable back-up. This device is built by keeping all the requirements that normal to businessmen in mind and its compatibility with all types of people have made this device much more exciting. Now you can enjoy using your favorite device for hours without any issue of charging.

This device has smooth screen surface that is latest and is designed in a way that it won’t affect your eyes because the technology that is used for creating screen is very eye friendly. Therefore you can use this device as long as you want to use without any eye related problem while viewing the videos in sharp detail. With the size of 4.7 inch display and IPS technology use for providing multi touch. High Definition display that you can enjoy videos without any problems and have great gaming experience with the 1334 x 750 pixel resolution that provide video speed up to 326 ppi and 1400:1 contrast ratio. You can adjust the display properties or other display options for visualizing files with pin point accuracy.

The added features are also on your way, such as full sRGB standard and wider viewing angles due to dual domain pixels. The display has finger print resistant because it has oleo-phobic coating on front. Best part about this screen is that it supports display zoom with the reach ability. Apple is always known for its smart combinations of hardware and software that gives optimum value of your invested money. This time they have represented the smart phone of future technology which is way ahead of other mobile phones in each field. It has largest yet thinnest size added with sturdy display that has trendy design.

Bigger than Bigger? We Know it’s True

Let’s keep the ball rolling and explore more! It has A8 chip inside it that is invented using 64 bit architecture with M8 coprocessor that makes every task simple as well as provide quick application reach without any delay. You can make way for lot many activities on the go and make sure that this device facilitates your working as well as leisure equally. The all-encompassing features certainly make people to opt for this iPhone that is now a “status symbol”!

 iPhone 6 Lens

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Above all, the icing on the cake is its 8 megapixel iSight camera with the auto focus pixels is the most exciting feature that Apple iPhone 6 is offering as this technology is only used in professional digital cameras only. This camera also has the function of true tone flash and its five element lens will give special experience that you never have before in any phone. You can click extra ordinary pictures with this camera as it has auto image stabilized function and camera lens is protected by sapphire crystal lens cover. It has now much improved face detection and panorama approximately 43 megapixels with the exposure control. The picture quality of iPhone is always considered par excellence but now with the refined improvement you will be able to enjoy all the more gorgeousness in each photo you click. In addition to this, the video recording is also up-graded so that you can record uninhibitedly and make way for professional level video.


Photo is taken by iPhone 6

Photo is taken by iPhone 6

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Such features are definitely making everyone happy and gratified which surely give way to ardent support to the innovation that Apple is known for. It has other additional features such as hybrid IR, filter, auto HRD for photos, burst mode, tap to face, photo geo-tagging, timer mode as well as illumination sensor on its back to give attractive looks to this extra-ordinary phone.  So you see you cannot point on any aspect of iPhone which is less than perfect and obviously it delights you through and through.


You can ensure that you have this latest and most sought after iPhone within your reach by locating the right source. Make sure you are purchasing from the authentic dealer so that you have no disappointment. Once you lay your hands over this fantastic iPhone 6, rest assured you will be attached for life! Yes, that is the magic spell of this supremely gratifying device!!

Apple – Introducing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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