Latest Updates on iPhone 6 Rumours, Reviews and Coverage

Latest Updates on iPhone 6 Rumours, Reviews and Coverage

Too Good to be True? Find Out Latest News on iPhone 6 Here

In the era of latest and advanced technology, Apple always launches anticipating smart phones. After the successful launch and reviews of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, Apple has found a new way for the technocrats and iPhone lovers by making a launch of new iPhone 6. People from all over the world are waiting for this next generation iPhone and are looking for its exclusive features.

iPhone 6 news has already created an ambiance of rumours in the minds of the people. Since according to the latest survey, it has already been declared that it will be the most dynamic smart phone ever launched in the world with a lot of exclusive features. Nobody has a perfect idea of the features of iPhone 6. There is large number of rumours which has been spread in the world of technology after the announcement of the launch of iPhone 6. Nobody can wait to hear such a technology based information. We have gathered some latest information and presented into a single roof regarding the iPhone features, its release date and its price.

iPhone 6 Release Date and Its Pricing

iPhone 6 2014


Apple has always emerged a new beginning for the technocrats by launching the most dynamically anticipating smartphones. Therefore, Apple is launching a new smart phone product that has taken up heat after the launch of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. If we talk about its release date, it is still in a great suspense as everyone is predicting something different in one way or the other which ultimately leads to confusion. Rumours for its release date have been a big issue these days as every press media has empowering some information on the web. But it is expected that apple will be launching iPhone 6 in September 2014. It is indeed very big news for the iPhone lovers as their minds are entrapped by the news of iPhone 6.Every person has different perspective in regard with iPhone 6 review.

Price of iPhone 6 is another big question for all of us. You will be surprised to know that iPhone 6 can be the most expensive iPhone ever due to its dynamic and stunning features which makes this smartphone stand out in a long queue of technology era. iPhones are always launched with the superb quality and high tag price but this time iPhone 6 can break all the previous records. Its features make this smartphone quite expensive. According to the certain surveys, it can also be considered as one of the most expensive smartphone at the end of the year.

iPhone 6 is Launching with A Big Bang Features

iPhone 6 Rumours


Apple is known for its innovation and creativity in their iPhone models and this time they have tried to integrate everything in a single model. According to the rumors, the new iPhone 6 will be launching with the improvised versions of everything. It can come with the upgraded version of camera quality ranging 13 mega-pixels with the additional feature of image stabilization. Apple has always put an extra effort in improving the picture Quality and therefore, can launch Iphone6 with optical image stabilization as well. The phone might come with 128GB storage space.

According to the latest rumors regarding the launch of iPhone 6, the model will be available in two diagonal screens ranging from 4.7 to 5.5. The smaller version will be launched first and the bigger version will be introduced to the audience later. The apple Iphone6 can come with the crystal screen that differentiates it from large number of Smart Phones. It will be more efficient and faster as well. It seems that its large display, upgraded camera, large storage space, and many more such features will target the audience minds in the bigger way.

Let us talk about these features in some detail:

1. Display Technology: Display screen provides user a beautiful interface and therefore, Apple uses Low Temperature Poly Silicon technology for their display screens.

2. Crystal Screen: iPhone 6 can come with the sapphire crystal screen which is further an added advantage for the iPhone users. This crystal screen is very expensive and therefore Apple iPhone 6 has enough space to have large displays.

3. Design: The iPhone 6 might have a super slim body and can come with the curved display according to the rumors.  Since Apple always works with the latest technology in making iPhone, therefore it is quite lighter and thinner.

iPhone 6 Design


4. Upgraded Processor: iPhone 6 might come with the latest and upgraded 20-nanometer A8 chip which enhances the efficiency of the phone and makes it a better model as comparison to iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. Apple while making new smartphones always tries to bring some innovation and advancement in the technology which can give immense touch to the smartphone. It can have 64-bit processor along with the quad core graphics which is indeed the best part of the phone.

iPhone 6 A8 Processor


5. Improved Camera: According to the rumors, iPhone 6 can be launched with the latest and upgraded camera quality and sensors. They have upgraded their software’s this time in order to provide better quality to the users. Along with the camera improvements, it can also have a feature of optical image stabilization that further focuses the image quality.

6. Fingerprint Sensor: Apple iPhone 6 will certainly have the feature of fingerprint sensor. This feature is exclusively found in every Smart Phone made by Apple. The next generation iPhone can also support some additional features like 802.11 cc Wi-Fi which will enhance the overall speed and make it faster.

iPhone Touch ID


7. iOS 8: It is more likely believed that Apple’s iPhone 6 will have IOS 8 pre-installed. iOS 8 has included some exclusive features this time to further upgrade the quality of iPhone 6.


Last but not the least, the images of the handset as predicted is stunning. iPhone lovers will find iPhone 6 a really good option due to its large number of exclusive features and great reviews. The phone has not been launched yet in the market but still the rumors have been spread all around the world. It will be worth spending big bucks for iPhone 6 as it is a rare combination of advanced-technology and user interface.

iPhone 6 Preview (TechRap) (Please start from 7:30)

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