[MI 3 REVIEW] The Insights of Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone in Malaysia

[MI 3 REVIEW] The Insights of Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone in Malaysia

Mi 3 Full Review That Makes Your Jaw Drop

Xiaomi, a reputed brand in the mobile industry has come up with its third generation Android smartphone last year. To reach smartphone aficionada beyond China, the Smartphone manufacturer has kicked off the sale of its flagship Mi 3 smartphone in Malaysian market on Xiaomi’s Mi.com/my website. With this move, Xiaomi Mi 3 has endeavoured to make its entry into Malaysian market for just RM889.

Xiaomi Malaysia has begun the sale of Mi 3 from May 20th and the result was so thriving that the web store ran out of the stock in just 17 minutes. While the company released an official statement concerning the actual number of smartphones sold, it also prepared 4,000 units of Mi 3 for the launch date. Though the number seems to be a bit lower than the demand that is intensifying with each passing day, it is still an impressive feat in view of the fact that the manufacturer is all set to bring its best-selling Mi 3.

The smartphone’s 16GB version has stroked the market for RM889 unlocked with a brand new skin for MIUI firmware. Even the smartphone lovers in Malaysia got an opportunity to MIUI skin with the launch of Xiaomi’s Mi 3 this year. Prior to our team’s shared experiences on the unboxing and first impressions of Mi 3 smartphone, this Xiaomi Mi 3 review is intended to give a better overview of the smartphone and its features.

Here Comes the Eye Opening Xiaomi Mi 3 Review 

Design and Display

The flagship Mi 3 smartphone from Xiaomi phone is a lightweight and a slim phone with an impressive 5-inch display. The device is 8.1mm thick and 145 gram in weight that makes it too easy to handle. The slim build look of the phone makes it explicitly awesome and an unsurpassed one in this range.

The Mi 3 smartphone runs of Android 4.3 integrated with MIUI Version 5. In addition to this, Xiaomi’s Global VP Hugo Barra came up as a challenge for the team, as they had to bring about significant changes around the user interface with a view to accommodating English characters.

smartphone review on xiaomi mi 3

Mi 3 Smartphone Review – Slim and Sleek Design

Software and Features

MIUI, which is Xiaomi’s own Android version makes the flagship Mi 3 the only of its kind. Users can download the version and install it on the phone. MIUI features a dominant theming function that completely changes the look of user interface and also adds custom effects. Many F1 fanatics love how the Ferrari theme makes a roaring sound when the phone is unlocked! And the phone comes with built-in security features like a blocklist for filtering spam numbers and data monitoring tool to allow apps to use mobile data.

Popular Themes in Mi3

Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone Themes


Xiaomi Malaysia Mi 3 Smartphone is powered by Snapdragon 800 quad core processor, which makes the phone more responsive. User interface of the phone is very stable and the users will hardly encounter any crash. Coming to the Quadrant benchmarks, the phone has hit 21,164. Besides it has also scored 897.163 MFLOPs utilizing over 0.19 sec in Linpack multithread test. As far as speed is concerned, Mi 3 is ranked top as per AnTuTu benchmark and a smartphone review. As an outcome, the phone has outrun the giants of smartphone market like HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Xiaomi Mi 3 Antutu Benchmark

Top 20 Android Phones in Antutu Benchmark for Q1 2014

Source : Antutu.com

Call Quality

The call on Xiaomi Mi 3 is very sharp and crisp, so the long time chatters are really going to enjoy its company. Speaker volume is located towards the bottom and offer plentiful for your ears. However, you will be required to engage your hand to adjust the volume when watching videos.

Battery Life

With a built-in 3,050mAh battery, the charge will last for more than 24 hours. The phone also features different power modes that enable you select the power-saving mode to extend uptime further. According to experts, Mi 3′s 3050mAh battery ensures 30% more capacity in contrast to its forerunners.


Xiaomi Mi 3 features 13 MP rear camera from renowned brand like Sony, which is something more than expected from the phone in this range. The snaps look so realistic and crisp that you just cannot stop yourself from hitting the button. The phone’s HDR feature produces quality photos as well but somehow the scenery photos captured looks fake in certain situations with the colours tweaked weirdly.

To match with the giant smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi Malaysia has also included nifty features that makes camera look more engaging and fun. In addition to burst mode and filters, camera’s ability to beautify your snaps by detecting the age and gender automatically prior to clicking the shutters proves to be a gimmick feature.

testing mi3 camera

Xiaomi Mi 3 Camera Testing 1

mi3 camera

Xiaomi Mi 3 Camera Testing 2

testing mi3 camera

Xiaomi Mi 3 Camera Testing 3

mi3 testing camera

Xiaomi Mi 3 Camera Testing 4


Paying games and watching videos with Xiaomi Mi 3 is just the best experience ever with its robust sound output. With speaker positioned towards the bottom of the phone, users can enjoy the games in landscape mode, but make sure that your hands are not placed at wrong place affecting the sound.

To give phone its slim look, putting speakers towards the bottom is an obvious downside, which may be disappointing for many. However, it may serve the purpose of users who normally use headphones to enjoy the music or videos. According to experts at Xiaomi, the company employs Dirac Technology to enable users adjust the Mi 3 audio output and optimize the sound quality depending upon the type of headphone. Xiaomi Mi3 is the first handset to introduce SFX sound to the headphones.

Full Review on Xiaomi Mi 3 Snapdragon 800 Smartphone

Source: TradingShenzhen @ Youtube


Malaysians may have a mindset that spending in a cheaper alternative end up leaving you in a miserable situation. But, this is nothing more than a misconception. While the statement holds true to the smartphones released a few years ago, but today the technology has advanced and opened up more options for smartphone manufacturers. The invasion of technologically advanced and high-tech companies such as Xiaomi Inc. has completely changed the buying experience and mindsets of smartphone lovers. The company has diverted people’s focus towards a low-priced integrated with all the features that an over expensive phone offers. Xiaomi not only assures you of durability but also easy on the pockets of buyers.

With some of the top ranked smartphones launched with a price tag of over RM2, 200, buying Xiaomi MI 3 at RM889 proves to be worth investing. Though the company does not carry global recognition like that of Apple or Samsung, by the end of day, all that matters is the features and the money that you can save by opting for a better alternative like Mi 3.

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