Xiaomi Launches MiPad – An iPad Mini’s Competitor

Xiaomi Launches MiPad – An iPad Mini’s Competitor

Beware iPad Mini, MiPad is On The Way

Xiaomi, China’s leading gadget maker has presented to the gadget community its first tablet known as the MiPad. Although this tablet bears similarity to both iPhone 5C and iPad Mini, it is being offered at a very reasonable price without compromising its features and quality.

The launch of MiPad aims to increase the selection of device that has been concentrated on selling many smartphones operating its MIUI Android firmware. The addition of the MiPad to its selection fills the gaps for many consumers. Xiaomi is also offering its own set of top boxes and Wi-Fi routers as well as offloading toy products to teenage gadget fanatics.

Why iPad Mini Should Be Afraid of MiPad


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This latest development of MiPad is a big chance for the company as the world of tablet is still not yet dominated by one tool in the way that Apple’s iPad has conquered the category. This is something that Xiaomi founder Lei Jun, who has been called the China’s Steve Jobs, played-up in his remarks following the Xiaomi launching of new tablet. He mentioned, “We hope to put pressure on Apple.”

The Xiaomi MiPad will give fresh expectation in the Android tablet market. It doesn’t matter if it could shake Apple’s governing fame with its configuration and costs. As stated above, the Xiaomi MiPad has a resemblance with iPhone 5c and Apples iPad Mini. One great difference is that it can be obtained in a price that is way cheaper than how much Apple products are sold. With regard to specifications and feature, the MiPad utilize 7.9 inch retina screen same as the iPad Mini 2, it has 2048 X 1536 pixels, and 326.

With 360g in weight, this is handier compared to other leading tablet brands in the market today. The screen rate in front is the same as iPad mini. However, if you do not see the Android classic three control keys, you might think that it is an iPad mini. Indeed, there’s a Mi trade made at the peak of the screen, and besides the sign is the subtle 5MP OV camera and breathing light. Not like other tablet, MiPad is just 8.5 millimeters thick, making it easier and more convenient for users to use.

Xiaomi is doing a beta-launch of this tablet, something it has done before the release of hardware – providing it to a restricted number of users on the succeeding month. The company has delivered 11 million units of smartphones during the first quarter of the year. Xiaomi is planning to send 60 million of smartphones by next year. Powered by its first international expansion moves, expanding its selection to take account of MiPad, a flagship tablet together with its smartphones is company’s next targeted move.

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Xiaomi will be launching their latest product in Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand as well as in other countries including Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, and Russia throughout this year. Its present market’s path is Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and China. Those who want to obtain a high quality tablet that works and looks like the Apple iPad without its cost, consider the MiPad from Xiaomi.

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