Xiaomi Malaysia 2nd Sales Closed at RM5,514,000 in 15 minutes

Xiaomi Malaysia 2nd Sales Closed at RM5,514,000 in 15 minutes

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Despite of the disappointment caused by Xiaomi Malaysia’s announcement on the postponed date, many Mi fans have still waited hopefully for the great haste of 2nd sales earlier today at 12.00 noon. Xiaomi Malaysia had broken their first launching record by closing RM5,514,000 sales in 15 minutes. Check out their impressive sales figure during the first launching if you have missed out here: Xiaomi Malaysia Closed RM3,736,000 Sales in Just 17 Minutes

And here we have, the record breaking figures achieved by Xiaomi Malaysia today;

Xiaomi Malaysia’s Online Sales on 2nd Sales

Mi Powerbank             : 5,000 units x RM36  = RM180,000

Mi 3 Smartphone        : 6,000 sets x RM889 = RM5,334,000

Total sales achieved in 15 minutes     = RM5,514,000

Total sales achieved in 1 minute        = RM367,600

Meanwhile, how could we not find out the Paypal’s earning who is earning a big sum silently? Here you go;

Paypal’s Earning on Xiaomi.my Online Sales Transactions
(5000 x RM36 * 0.039 + 5000 x RM2) + (6000 x RM889 * 0.039 + 6000 x RM2) = RM237,046

Did You Double Check on the ‘My Orders’ Status?

Our eGarden.asia team has shared the Insider of Our Experiences on the tips and tricks for the online buying at Xiaomi Malaysia Official Website previously. Earlier today, our team had also standby with the aim to successfully grab 2 units of Mi Power Bank (since we didn’t managed to grab one previously).

Initially, our team member thought that we did not manage to purchase this time round too as we were kicked out from the page again and again upon placing order. We tried refreshing the page non-stop and at about 12.09pm, we were completely disheartened when the purchase button for Mi Power Bank turned back to grey colour showing ‘Out of Stock’.

xiaomi mi powerbank

Few minutes later, we looked through Xiaomi Malaysia Facebook Page and found out that Xiaomi Malaysia broke their first launching record where both Mi 3 Smartphone and Mi Power Bank are completely sold out within 15 minutes. With a heavy heart, we signed out from Xiaomi site and went off for lunch. In the middle of our lunch, we received news from a friend saying that he noticed his order section showing an order made (is now cancelled) which he had successfully placed order during the last launching! He regretted for not checking back the order section and completing the payment.

We then figured out, could we actually manage to place order earlier without knowing while the page kept on popping rabbits and carrots? Immediately after our lunch, we checked back the ‘My Orders’ section and guess what? There was an order placed for 2 units of Mi Power Bank! We were overjoyed and instantly completed the payment through Paypal.

So to all Mi fans who worked hard earlier, hurry up and double check your order status and complete the payment within 24 hours! Also, we had received our new toys – the Mi 3 Smartphone last Monday, so make sure you stay tuned with us!

Xiaomi Malaysia 2nd Sales

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