Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone Unboxing and First Impressions

Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone Unboxing and First Impressions

The Wave of Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone Arrived in Malaysia with Storm

Xiaomi‘s Mi 3 Smartphone is the latest entry in world of smartphone that has been initiated in Malaysia with a list price of only RM889 and was launched on 20th May 2014. The launching has created a storm to Malaysia’s smartphone’s market where Xiaomi Malaysia has closed RM3,736,000 sales in just 17 minutes. The second launching on 28th May 2014 has achieved a even greater sales with the broken record of RM5,514,000 sales closed in 15 minutes.

Fundamentally, Xiaomi Mi 3 is launched in Malaysia with the intention to be a Xiaomi’s flagship product. With the list price of RM889, this Mi 3 is retailing closer to one third of what consumer usually relate with a flagship smartphone’s tag price. And the best part of it is there are nothing like specifications or quality were taken back here either. There is simply no reason why you should not grab one! As promised, here are our team’s first impressions of the Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone which we purchased from the first batch launching.

The Unboxing of Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone

eGarden.asia team received our parcel from Xiaomi Malaysia from FedEx Courier Service. We could not miss to mention FedEx has an excellent courier service! They tried delivering on a Sunday where our office was closed and we received an ‘Undelivered Note’. Despite of having the need for us to call them up, they came on the next working day for second delivery. Definitely a thumbs up service! We immediately unboxed the brown solid parcel and was surprised to see the welcome card signed by both Xiaomi founders which also means we were one of the first 100 Xiaomi Mi 3 customers in Malaysia!

At the first glance, the Mi 3 Smartphone looks amazing. The quality of the fabrication is great. However, the solitary exception of this gadget compared to other smartphones is the absence of 4g LTE. At some point of view, you’ll think that the design and the whole appearance of Xiaomi Mi 3 is very similar to the N9 of Nokia launched in 2011, a gadget that was once regarded as one of the best and most favourite smartphones of many people from all corners of the world. Well, it is not certainly a bad thing that either the Xiaomi Mi 3 shares an appearance with this device.

Unboxing and First Impression of Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone

Unboxing Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone launched in Malaysia.

Xiaomi’s Mi 3 Smartphone is an incredibly slim and super lightweight device that measures five inches screen size. It has a thickness of 8.1 mm and weighs 145 grams. Its slim construction is the solitary remarkable feature concerning its looks. One of the best things about this Mi 3 is the chassis is made from durable and high quality aluminium magnesium aloe that is covered by 3 layers of thermal graphite. This excellent construction makes the device very solid and durable. And it gives you a premium touch, definitely not a cheap smartphone with low quality built feel!

The design of the software used in this flagship smartphone really shines. For the very first time, the China’s manufacturer has launched a high customizable firmware that is solely based on Android, formally in English. The state of the art in Xiaomi Mi 3 is operated by Android 4.3 and is optimized with version 5 of MIUIHugo Barra, the Xiaomi Global Vice President, previously stated that it was a huge dispute as the company need to alter many things in the UI so as to accommodate the English characters. The outcome of this hard work is very impressive. The smartphone UI is simple to navigate and so easy to use, while user can customize easily the appearance of their phone by means of diverse themes.

 Xiaomi Malaysia Mi 3 Smartphone Unboxing

Unboxing and first impressions of Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone

What do We Love Most About Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone

Just like most of the people, what we love most about Xiaomi Mi 3 is the Mi 3 theme! The themes are normally diverse outfits for this flagship phone. The company released another theme in order to commemorate Malaysia. The default theme welcomed us with the iconic and beautiful city of Malaysia. Aside from this, there are also lots of remarkable themes that you can download at theme stores at no cost. These themes perfectly suit the high resolution screen of this device. It is really amazing to alter the whole appearance of the Mi 3 smartphone to suit the taste, style, and preference of the users as well as achieve the look that we want for our device.

Xiaomi Malaysia Mi 3 Smartphone Unboxing

Unboxing and Unique Xiaomi Malaysia Theme for Mi 3 Smartphone

Our team will be sharing on the detailed review of Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone soon. So stay tuned with us if you wish to know more insights on this powerful device!

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