Xiaomi Mi3 VS Samsung Galaxy S5 in Malaysia

Xiaomi Mi3 VS Samsung Galaxy S5 in Malaysia

The Ultimate Challenge Between Xiaomi Mi3 and Samsung Galaxy S5

The Malaysian smartphone market is surely going to catch the heat, after all the biggest and most robust smartphones- Xiaomi Mi3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are going to be at loggers head here very soon. Xiaomi Mi3 is an android smartphone having a 5.00 inch screen powered by 1.8 GHz processor and whopping 2 GB RAM. It is a much awaited high-end flagship phone that is reasonably priced as compared to its contemporaries and is sure to give a tough competition to its close Korean counterpart Samsung Galaxy S5- the most renowned and loved smart phone in Malaysia.

If you are a smartphone enthusiast or an individual planning to replace your smartphone with the hot selling Xiaomi Mi3, check out our Mi 3 Full Review That Makes Your Jaw Drop. And if you are hesitating between the flagship killers smartphone like Xiaomi Mi 3 or Samsung Galaxy S5, we bring to you the most authentic and in-depth smartphone review and comparison of these two phones.


Samsung S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Xiaomi Mi3

Xiaomi Mi3

Source: www.aliexpress.com

Samsung galaxy variants are known for their historical plastic bodies and similar designs and Samsung Galaxy S5, the most robust of the Galaxy range is no different. Though, the plastic built of S5 is often referred to as polycarbonate material but that doesn’t change the fact it has a plastic body which is not very durable. Xioami Mi3 on the other hand, has a beautiful magnesium alloy body coated with 3 layers of graphite film which makes it extremely lightweight and durable.


Samsung S5 has a premium 5.1 inch touch-screen and is a treat to the massive screen smartphone lovers spread around the world. The size of Mi3 is just 0.1 inch smaller than the S5 model and wouldn’t make much of a difference for the habitual galaxy users. Surprisingly, both the smart phones weigh exactly the same at 145 gm but vary quite much in the dimensions. While the dimensions of S5 are 142 X 72.5 X 8.10mm, Mi3 has 144 X 73.6 X 8.10mm dimension which is mainly due to its metallic body and graphite layering.

xiaomi mi3

Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone Size and Design

Source: http://www.mi.com/my/mi3


Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone Size and Design

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The most important characteristic of a high-end touch screen smart phone is definitely its display and we see a close competition between S5 and Mi3 in this department. Both these Android phones come with a similar 1920 X 1080 full HD resolution; however it is the pixel density that places Mi3 on a higher end. S5 has a pixel density of 432 ppi vs. 441 ppi offered in Mi3 and higher pixel density ensures sharper, clearer and better display of text and images and makes  a way for extremely detailed photos and videos.

As far as basic display is concerned, S5 comes with an AMOLED while Mi3 uses complete HD LCD for display accompanied by IPS panel that makes the phone legible in strong day light as well. Mi3 has all the display features that make it stand at par with S5; however Xiaomi Mi3 has an innate limitation of sporting too many fingerprints which isn’t noticeable in S5.


Both the competitors sport the best processors available in Malaysia but it is S5 that possesses the faster processor which holds utmost importance for multi-tasking. The 1900 MHz vs. 1800 MHz quad core processor makes S5 the true winner in this department.

Another important hardware of a smartphone is definitely its battery and Mi3 grabs brownie points in this department for sure. Mi3 has a 3050 mah battery as compared to 2800 mah batter in S5 but surprisingly doesn’t possess any battery saving mode like the S5. Also, Mi3 doesn’t have a removable battery as S5 which can give a tough time to the users as well.

As far as internal storage and RAM are concerned, Samsung S5 clearly outshines Mi3 as it comes with a feature to expand 16 GB memory to 128 GB while no such expanding option is available in the Mi3. The RAM of both devices is at par at 2GB PDDR3 RAM that leads to less battery consumption as compared to the previous DD3 RAM version.


While S5 comes with the latest and most robust android 4.4.2, the Mi3 too does not lag behind with a 4.1 android version with an option to upgrade to latest android version as well. Both the flagship smart phones have inbuilt JAVA support, 4.00 Bluetooth connectivity, WIFI Direct and come with headphones having similar dimensions of 3.5mm. While Galaxy S5 does not have in-built FM system, Xiaomi Mi3 doesn’t tend to ignore this feature and has an FM radio that enables smart phone users to listen to their favorite music and news from radio stations even while travelling.

Thus, Xiaomi Mi3 stands as a clear winner in the software department possessing a lot of customization options along with Touch Wiz user interface and an option to listen to your favourite FM radio stations.

Specs of S5

Specs of Mi3

Source: www.lowyat.net


The high-end Galaxy smartphones are known for their exceptional camera features and picture quality and Samsung S5 being the head of this elite line of phones is no different. With a 16 megapixel rear camera, S5 offers better picture resolution and quality as compared to Mi3 having 13 megapixels resolutions. However, it is the feature of dual LED flash light from Philips in the Mi3 that makes up completely for its low resolution and offers an amazing picture-quality which is nearly at par with the S5 ISOCELL camera. Interestingly, both Mi3 and S5 have 2.0 megapixel front cameras that place them at par with each other as far as camera and image quality is concerned.

Photos by S5

Photo taken with Samsung Galaxy S5

Source: blogs.which.co.uk

Photos by Mi3

Photo taken with Xiaomi Mi3

Source: www.mi.com


Xiaomi Mi3 is a power packed high end flagship smart phone which is available at an unbelievable price of RM889, exactly the third of what Galaxy S5 costs in Malaysia. This China manufactured phone gives a tough competition to its Korean competitor in terms of everything from robust software to solid hardware and from great camera to amazing connectivity options. Though, the Xiaomi Malaysia brand will take a little time to establish its name in the smartphone market, it won’t be surprising to see it capturing the premium smartphone segment in the coming times. Mi3 is surely going to a give Samsung S5 a run for its money and it would be rather interesting to see new and unique competitive strategy of Samsung to retain its S5 market in Malaysia.

Samsung GALAXY S5 vs Xiaomi Mi3

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